Natural Gas Engines

As the demand for gas-powered power plant increases at a rapid pace, our operations and services have engendered greater operating flexibility, energy efficiency and a reduction in CO2 emissions in power generation.

Ziuss Energy & Power Ltd is optimally positioned for emerging opportunities in the gas energy sector in partnership with world class suppliers of natural gas-fired engines like of GE, Perkins & Rolls Royce Power Systems AG


Standard Features & Benefits

- Numerous versions for different applications, ranging from gathering, storage, transmission and processing to injection
- Emissions flexibility to meet local air quality mandates
- Durable, rugged engines designed for remote locations and harsh environmentsy
- High tolerance for variable fuel quality
- All prime equipments carry a one year manufacturers warranty


- Each natural gas generator is equipped with remote monitoring to aid in performance and reliability
- Proven and time tested gas engine technology
- Ability to operate in extreme ambient temperatures
- Extended service intervals ensure high availability of equipment