Our Hybrid power solutions are an intelligent combination of renewable energy sources with diesel engines and storage.

Our Hybrid offerings consist of smaller or modular generators that use a variety of generation technologies such as solar, wind, biomass, diesel, fuel oils, crude oil and small hydro.

They provide reliable supply of energy critical for viable industrial activities and peak shaving, high power quality or voltage control, that is, provision of high quality power necessary for sensitive industrial equipment. They also minimize line losses and voltage sag, which results in more efficient power transmission.

Ziuss Energy & Power Ltd seeks to take advantage of the Nigeria Power Sector reforms to harness, distribute and market low budget hybrid power solutions to Nigerians.


One-stop solution by Ziuss

- Intelligent combination of renewable energy sources with diesel engines and storage
- Optimized operation based on cost functions, forecasts and real-time data
- Realization of minimal operation costs

Ziuss Hybrid Power Solutions

- Manage the complexity of diesel power installations with volatile renewable energy sources.
- Are customized for different local conditions (wind or solar intensity and specific loads).
- Ensure high grid stability of renewable integration thanks to integrated energy storage.

Product Overview

- Modular design and fully automated.
- Integrated state of the art technologies that can be monitored remotely.
- Diesel / Gas Engine & charge alternator.
- Lead Acid, Pure Lead or Lithium ion battery options.
- Preinstalled Inverter and DC distribution board.
- Variable speed control to optimize fuel consumption at various loads.
- Sound rating < 65dBA @ 1m.

Customer Benefits

- Reduced fuel costs by up to 60% through reduced engine run hours and fuel consumption
- Reduced CO2 emissions by up to 50%
- Reduced Transport/logistics costs
- High grid stability
- Optimized site infrastructure to reduce energy requirements.
- Performance monitoring and reporting.