About Us-Power and Energy Solutions in Nigeria

The power industry is changing rapidly. With discussions now focused more on improved power generation, we offer better energy efficiency driven by a smart grid network.

Ziuss Energy & Power limited is a Nigerian company with a strong futuristic orientation. We are committed to delivering cutting edge energy solutions measured against efficiency and cleanliness. Our competitive edge draws largely from years of unfettered access to superior and innovative technology.

We are a trusted player and major feature in several government development initiatives. Our foot-prints are firmly etched in the Light Up Nigeria project with small, medium and large scale industries as major beneficiaries.

We have not only lit up communities but also empowered schools, religious institutions and the local populace in more remote areas of Nigeria to harness and deploy renewable energy.

For corporate Nigeria, Ziuss has emerged as a reliable partner, building alliances that have driven the modernization and deployment of contemporary energy platforms that yield very appreciable gains in savings on diesel purchase, plant maintenance liabilities, and generator run-time.

Ziuss Energy and Power Ltd offers world-class consultancy and helps institutions and organizations build sustainable models that optimize their energy requirements. We have unassailable capacity to conduct surveys, pool data, analyze scenarios and efficiently deploy resources in the execution of hybrid and renewable power projects.

Our unique offering delivers constant, consistent and eco-friendly power supply with strong guarantees to reduce energy cost by 30% or more. Our solutions are also fully integrated with primary energy sources and equipment managed by a single controller, making downtime a near impossible experience.

In a bid to address the energy market in an effective and efficient manner, Ziuss Energy & Power Ltd is currently structured into 2 key divisions - Power Generation & Power Solutions.

We welcome you to our forward-thinking community.

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We aspire to be the nation's foremost provider of clean and efficient power solutions.


To harness, create and deliver smart power solutions that support global initiatives for environmental safety.

Our Culture

We are a forward-thinking community driven by innovation and excellence.

Corporate Values

Professionalism, Prompt Service Delivery, Product Integrity.

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Our logo depicts all that we stand for. Our power solutions are fresh, smart and intelligent. They are designed with the future in mind.